On February 26, 2017, at roughly 1:30 to 2:30 am, our company experienced a breach of a limited number of our coins. The coins in question had their BTC removed and we are in the process of determining how this could have happened. We are in contact with the FBI and we expect a full investigation to begin shortly, to which we will offer our total cooperation and effort to bring the perpetrator(s) to light.


Please contact us at raforsyth@alitin.com if you believe your coin may have been compromised, and we will do our best to work with you individually to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.  Our current policy includes the refunding of the face value of BTC of your coin with all verified purchases where a breach has occurred.  We cannot guarantee how long this will take, but we wish to provide satisfaction to everyone as quickly as possible.


You patience is very much appreciated and we hope to bring this matter to a very swift and satisfactory conclusion.


Thank you!


The Alitin Team
UPDATE: We have begun the process of verifying persons whose coins have been compromised and the first BTC refunds have been issued. We will process your application for refund carefully and as fast as we can, and in order of receipt. 


We will do our best with our available funds to reimburse everyone who we can determine to be a verified victim of the breach and theft of February 26, 2017, and we will offer this refund until April 5, 2017.  After this date, and due to the price volatility of Bitcoin, we simply cannot be sure we will have the funds necessary to refund stolen BTC. 


We will need a photo of your unbroken case to show it has not been previously opened, and we urge you to not sell or open your coin casing before we can process your request.  We do have a certified customer database, and this will certainly help in the verification process if you are an original purchaser of your coin(s).  If you bought your coin from someone else, it may be more difficult to determine your status, and it may take more time, but we will still do our best.